Current Class Offerings

Dollmaking, Summer 2009
Dollmaking, Summer 2009

EMBODYING SPIRIT - Creating Shrines for Yourself or Others

To create a shrine, no matter how simple or complex, is to tell the story of a meaningful event.  Serious or whimsical, a shrine is a symbolic expression.  A special photograph, a figurine, a natural treasure becomes a shrine/altar when it is combined with related symbols and media.  The arrangement of objects in a shrine can invoke inspiration, memory, beauty, humor, sentiment or reverence.  Shrines/altars can be personal or a gift to honor a significant event. This class offers you the opportunity to create a shrine that tells a story or captures a memory.

SCULPTING from the HEART - A Creative Exploration for Adults and Children

You're invited to come experience a special personal journey in which you will create a symbolic representation in the form of a figure or doll that focuses on who or what inspires you. These creations might take the form of an animal, an archetypal figure or a whimsical or mythical character. Participants are ecouraged to explore and have fun with materials.  We will use wire, clay, fiber, fabric and other embellisments to adorn the completed figure.

HABITAT CONSTRUCTIONS CLASS - with Clay, Paint and Mixed Media

Children will use their imagination to create magical or realistic
‘environments’ for their hand built ‘clay inhabitants.’ They will
assemble and construct habitats that will become homes for
their characters. A variety of other materials will be incorporated
to bring their habitats to life. We will also explore hand-building
techniques and become familiar with a variety of ways to
manipulate and construct with clay.