My curiosity in the arts began with clay as a hand-builder and mask maker.  In my late 20s, I fell in love with the sculpting qualities of clay and went on to study "raku", a Japanese firing technique in which the final results are often exciting as well as surprisingly unpredictable.

For the past several years my focus has been wire sculpting, creating doll-like figures and characters that have their own stories to tell.  I have found that most any character that the imagination can picture can be created through this sculpture process.  As the characters unfold they take on a life of their own, incorporating and adorning each character with a variety of other materials (i.e. clay, fiber, fabric, beads, etc. ) adds to the fun and whimsy of the process of creating.

Other current areas of interest are assemblage (shrines/altars), altered books for travel and special occasions, and paper embellishing.   

Elizabeth's Portfolio