“For the past several years my focus has been wire sculpting, creating doll-like figures and characters that have their own stories to tell.  I have found that most any character that the imagination can picture can be created through this sculpture process.  As the characters unfold they take on a life of their own, incorporating and adorning each character with a variety of other materials (i.e. clay, fiber, fabric, beads, etc. ) adds to the fun and whimsy of the process of creating.” 

~Elizabeth Craig, Owner/Artist

Special events, Birthdays, Celebrations

My studio is also available for hosting a variety of special parties and events.  For example, showers, birthdays, anniversaries and commemorative events.  It can also be a place for groups of friends to create gifts such as for weddings, birthdays, holidays and more.  Families have also asked me to host special projects such as creating clay characters, family photo collages, and more for their home.   I would also be available for an additional fee to come to your location for these events.  Please contact me for more information and questions.

Birthday Parties and Celebrations